Lightness and vitality, love and freedom, profoundness with a hint of melancholy

Lightness and vitality, love and freedom, profoundness with a hint of melancholy - all these things can be found in the music of WintersHome, the folk-pop band from Zermatt, Switzerland. The music and performances of the band are infectious and rousing. What is the secret of the band, which comes from there, imagining the winter

It's the natural way that they hang out together, the way they jam, and the way that Rebecca, Maria, Elia, Pirmin, Joel and Romaine have been discovering the world together. They have known each other since they were children - they are siblings, cousins, and friends. They started up at Christmas 2011, and it wasn't difficult for them to go step by step from their living room at home, where they delighted their relatives, to small stages in the Canton of Wallis, and then later to perform in Schaffhausen, Bern and Zürich. Initially they played covers of songs in the indie, folk and pop genres, and soon after that they composed their own songs in the same style with catchy melodies and descriptive lyrics with meaning. Their trademark is their diversity of voices, there are three leads and three backing singers. With a cajon, accordion, drums, bass guitar, piano, pancake gong drum, acoustic guitar and electric guitar, the six have a diverse repertoire. An EP has already been produced, and their debut album is in the works. After their performance at the Zermatt Unplugged 2016 Festival they took a leap onto the big stage as a support group for the British band Texas.

They've got real potential, said Frida from ABBA, who gave the youngsters some serious advice. The Australian singer-songwriter Angus Stone called them the "Best gang in the Swiss mountains" in a post on instagram, as he and his sister Julia Stone had some friendly competition with the six Millennials from Zermatt.